A little bit about me..

I aim to see, listen, feel, and think with one purpose and one alone: to understand - my own body and mind, you and me, us and our relationship to the world, bodies of thought and bodies of ideology…

I identify as a teacher. It is my life’s work to share what I know so that others may grow. I’m 50 as of June 2019, and I’ve been teaching consistently since 1989-ish.

I’ve written and delivered custom curricula for organizations as diverse as Blue Cross/Blue Shield and The Foundation for Sex Positive Culture with subjects ranging from managing the effects of chronic stress to cultivating consent within the context of sexual intimacy.

When I’m creating workshops and trainings, I draw on the same body of knowledge, which is everything I've ever learned. That includes Vajrayana Buddhism, Esoteric Taoism, and myriad philosophical and sociological theories (thanks CMU). In 2009, I began teaching in sex-positive contexts, with special focus on mindfulness, communication, and ‘all the things’ from the point of view of the bottom/submissive.

I aim to find evidence-based backing for all I teach, particularly with regards to the management of chronic pain and other health conditions. Sometimes I’m not successful in finding evidence, and I teach a technique anyway - because I’m a rascal, and faith is a huge piece of healing for most people, even atheists like myself.

Regarding sex education…. I am less interested in activities and more interested in My sex-positivie curricula falls into three general areas of passion: Taoism and Intimacy, Communication, and Giving Voice to Bottoms and Submissives within the context of BDSM. I’ve been actively exploring BDSM for about 35 years now, so that direct experience influences some of my teaching.

I also work with bodies in motion, primarily through multiple forms of yoga, which I’ve been teaching since 2002. I’m trained in both the Gosh and Krishnamacharya lineages from India, though I've been specialized almost exclusively in floor work since 2009, when I pivoted to Yin Yoga, teaching from a Taoist point of view.

Today, my public yoga classes are usually called Relax and Restore, and I draw on several movement modalities as well as yin and restorative yoga to help people find more space and freedom in their bodies.

Join me in class, won’t you? We will have fun and maybe discover a thing or two.

In service,