Yin Yoga Sequence for Forgiveness

I feel honor-bound to qualify this post with the following:  for some bodies, holding postures for as long as is called for in yin yoga is a bad idea.  If you aren't sure whether this yoga is for you, please check with a health care provider. 

Practice this sequence to help relieve anger, bring forward a sense of forgiveness, and open both the front line of the torso as well as the inner line of the legs.

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In the system of Taoist Yoga that I teach, the breath that cultivates forgiveness and releases anger, is SHHHHHHHHHHH - like when you sush someone at the movies.  Inhale through your nose, and upon exhale, make a silent shhhhhhh sound.  You can practice this breath any time during your practice, if you feel yourself challenged emotionally.


This practice takes about 75 minutes and is hip-centric, so I suggest having pillows, bolsters, blocks, blankets..  anything handy that you think will help you feel more supported and comfortable


5 min         reclining butterfly

2 min         child's pose

3 min         move towards frog - you can keep your hips high


3 min         sphynx

2 min         seal


2 min         1/2 pigeon R leg forward chest up

2 min         1/2 pigeon R leg forward chest down

2 min         deer pose - bend left knee out and stay folded forward 

2 min         cross L leg over right (shoelace or double pigeon) and twist away from L leg, chest up

2 min         side bend away from L leg

Repeat with L leg forward in Pigeon


1 min         rest - you can also do windshield wipers


3 min          1/2 straddle R leg out  - forward fold over R leg

2 min          Side bend away from R leg (stay in 1/2 straddle)

Repeat with L leg out



5 min           baddha konasana with forward fold

5 min           full straddle with forward fold

5 min           frog


3 min          twist right

3 min          twist left

9 min          savasana

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