are you a sex therapist?

No, I am not.  I am a sex educator, which means that I create and deliver curricula about human sexuality, relationships, and conflict resolution. 

tell me about your private work

I coach individuals and couples/polycules in the areas of building and cultivating consent, communicating and negotiating needs, resolving conflict, and maintaining healthy power structures.

I also work with people who live with chronic pain/illness.  

These may seem unrelated, and the knowledge base on which I draw is the same for all of my work



Do you have sex with your clients?

No.  No I do not.  

Do you engage in sexual touch with your clients?

No.  No, I do not.

What's a shenaniganarian?

In the most positive and humorous sense of the word, shenanigans is about fun, mischief, and being playful.  I realize that there can be a negative connotation to the word shenanigans, and for me, it's about subversion and autonomy.  A Shenaniganarian is a person who practices shenanigans.


What are your fees?

I charge $75/hour for all private and semi-private work.  You can purchase bundles to save. 

Workshops and other classes vary in cost, depending on the location, size, and topic.