Testimonials and Shout-Outs


"Katie helped to save our marriage, and I am not exaggerating.  After nearly 20 years of partnership, my husband and I were experiencing conflict around my desire and need for a stronger hand from him in bed, and his concerns that roughhousing, although consensual, would mean he was harming me.  We met Katherine in San Francisco, where she accompanied us to a weekend-long sex-positive education event where she was teaching.  We attended her 3 workshops, she introduced us to other experts, and by the end of the weekend, my husband has completely shifted his perspective.

We now have an even more amazing and connected intimate life with each-other, and we owe it all to Katherine" -  annon

Lee Harrington

Katherine is an invigorating and thoughtful presenter who brings mindfulness and passion together in a compassionate way. What a gift!" - Lee Harrington (author, speaker, and artist)


"I've never seen someone so earnestly listen to another's perspective of a story or phenomena. Katherine seemed to have all the patience in the world, especially with newbies like me who hadn't figured "it" out yet." - Kelly (Grad Student in Human Sexuality)

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It has been my distinct pleasure to have the opportunity to be a student of Katherine Zitterbart, for various wellness practices.  As a yoga instructor, Katherine was able to quickly assess the areas of my body that needed attention based on information I gave her.  She customized yoga sessions that were completely appropriate for my physical needs at the time and I was able to experience relief and a return to balance.

Katherine also instructed me through stress relief and breathing techniques, which also assisted me in my daily life.  She gave me instruction that I could carry with me outside of the studio space to use on my own for continued health and wellness.

Sari Gian - Registered Nurse (Hospice)